Fit&Frugal:Menu Plan Monday

Taco Dinner. I swear the little girl at the end was not unhappy about dinner!


Last week we had some delicious dinners but you’ll see they weren’t all according to plan. When I grocery shopped, I did it with two weeks in mind, so some meals got shifted around. A good plan provides that flexibility-because life happens no matter how tight the plan.  The best part was that, with the exception of the garlic pesto, every one was a hit with the kids too. Monday, I worked so the kids actually had mac and cheese and the adults ate a quick salad when I got home from work. Tuesday we had the Roasted Fingerling and Arugula Salad which is the perfect warm salad that tastes great the next day chilled as well. Wednesday was a late beach day so we ate leftovers. Thursday was Roast Chicken which was a huge hit. Friday we ordered pizza because we had an impromptu dinner playdate. The moms ate something called salad pizza which was amazing. Saturday we had a houseful of people post-beach day so I made up some garlic scape pesto in the morning before we left and tossed it with pasta for a quick and delicious dinner. The salad was awesome too. Sunday was Shrimp Tacos that I kind of made up as I went along and luckily everyone loved.

This week:

Late this week the kids and I are traveling, so there is no grocery list as we’re working on what we bought last week.

Monday: Faith’s Sausage and Polenta (This is a holdover from last week b/c She wasn’t feeling well enough to eat it so we pushed it to today.)

Tuesday: Turkey Sliders

Wednesday: Garlic Chicken (Again! This time with chicken breasts instead of drumsticks.)

Thursday: Spinach and Bacon Salad

Friday: BLT’s with leftover Bacon (or pizza as Fridays sometimes go!)

Saturday: We’re out of town so the husband will be left to eat leftovers

Sunday: Ditto.

For My Meal Planning I Love: (Tell them Cristie sent you!)
Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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