Fit & Frugal Meal Plan Monday

There will be a lot of this so the cooking time will be at a minimum.


Last week was insane! We were starting swim team and then we were packing for a week away so our dinners did not go nearly as planned. We did have the sausage and polenta on Monday but the rest of the week was a lot of leftover kitchen clean out so that we didn’t leave a fridge full of food. Lots of salads at our house last week.

This week we’re away so while I’d like to say we have a set menu, the truth is we’ll be flying by the seat of our pants. We’ll try to stay somewhat on plan but I’m sure there will be some donuts and ice-cream in our future.

Here’s what I’m hoping happens:

Monday: Travel Day so kids will probably have grocery chicken nuggets and broccoli. Mom may eat beer.;)

Tuesday: Chicken Taragon Salad

Wednesday: Crabs (We’re in Maryland. It’s the law.)

Thursday: Salted Salmon with Quinoa

Friday: Pizza night
For My Meal Planning I Love: (Tell them Cristie sent you!)
Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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