Vacation Detox

They were fun while they lasted, but waffles aren’t for me anymore.

We’re just back from a week of vacation where my diet has been less-than-exemplary. What’s strange is that this is the first time I’ve gone crazy like this since I started eating clean, well over a year ago. Of course, I’ve had days or meals where I ate foods from the less than desirable list, but I haven’t had a vacation week like this in quite some time and the results have been pretty amazing.

In theory, I know what happens to your body when you fill it with carbs and sugar, salt and booze. I know that you will experience the bloat that comes from a screwed up digestive track. I know your joints may hurt from inflammation. I know your head may hurt and your mood will change. I know all that in the abstract, but this week I felt it in real life.

I was sooooo tired, even though we were doing nothing. I walked through the day in a bit of a foggy, carb-induced haze with an achy back and knees from the swelling and dehydration. I wanted nothing more than to lay in my bed all day because I was irritable and cranky. Worst of all, it seemed I could never get enough food. I wanted more and more of the chips and dip and double-scoop ice-cream. I was a mad woman with body aches, mood swings and an endless need for junk.

And all this while I was on vacation! Imagine how horrible it might feel if I ate this way while I was trying to manage the stress and chaos of day to day life. Yikes. I didn’t fully realize what was going on until about 3/4 of the way through the week. Then I went for a run and tried to reel in some of my gluttony.

Now, I’m back and I’ve learned my lesson. I will return to my normal diet never to stray that far again. Yes, there will still be double scoops of ice-cream from time-to-time. A girl’s gotta live after all. But never again will I eat so mindlessly for six days in a row! I can’t take turning into Cristie the Crank ever again, especially when I know better.

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