Fit & Frugal Menu Plan Monday

Every other week our menu plan centers around our fresh produce delivery from Purple Dragon Coop. This week we’re heavy on summer squash and leafy greens so we’ll be super healthy by week’s end!

Monday: Skillet Chicken and Romaine Salad

Tuesday: Eggplant Bake

Wednesday: Arugula with Orzo and Garden Tomatoes

Thursday: No Boil Veggie Lasagna

Friday: Homemade pizza, with (you guessed it) fresh veggies

The weekend is a free for all as we’re usually at the beach until late so we do lots of reheated food and cold dishes with fresh fruits and vegetables. There may be a take-out order thrown in there too. The kids and I are going to try some new dessert recipes this week too so check back for brownies and maybe even corn dogs. (What?!?)

For My Meal Planning I Love: (Tell them Cristie sent you!)
Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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