Cleaning and Moving to Give Up the Stuck

Who Knew This Heap Might Lead to Happiness?

For the last few weeks I’ve had a pretty overwhelming case of Stuck. You know how it goes, you’re cruising along just fine and then you hit the proverbial brick wall of creativity and emotion. Nothing is wrong specifically. I have just been experiencing a general malaise that I’ve come to recognize as a jam in the works of my spirit.

Sounds hokey, but it’s true. Sometimes I just feel like my soul is stopped up like a drain with too much hair in it. It’s about as pretty as that visual too. My work suffers. My home suffers and my Self suffers. It’s easy to slip into it and not so easy, but imperative, to get out.

This weekend, instead of focusing on the pile of work I’ve neglected or even running the miles I’ve lost in my few weeks of lazy, I decided to scrap everything and tackle some home projects that have not taken a priority but were more important than I knew.

First, I went after an old pie safe I’ve had in my home for seven years. Seven years I’ve been promising myself and my husband that I would refinish it and make it a lovely addition to our dining room. I won’t bore you with the details other than to say there were  no less than four layers of paint on this bad boy-two of them oil based. It was nearly two solid days of scraping and peeling and I’m still nowhere near finished. I can see the hints of some gorgeous dark wood so while this project is way bigger than I expected, there is some glimmer of hope that it will all be worth it in the end. I just have to be patient, trust the process and wait for my reward. Three things I’m not so great at but seem to keep coming up in life, so the practice is necessary.

Sunday, after realizing this pie-safe project was not going to end anytime soon, I decided I need a win or else all this hard work would lead to nothing more than frustration. So I roped my husband into helping me rearrange my kitchen.

We moved in a few months ago and I hate the way my kitchen works. It has some nice elements, like wood floors, big windows and beadboard paneling but the overall flow is horrible. I’m not picky, but I do like a functional kitchen-no matter the size.

I’m not a student of Feng Shui but I’m betting the messed up energy of this space breaks every single rule. The fridge was next to the oven so you couldn’t use more than one pans on the stove and still have room. There was little to no counter space so prep was a challenge and nothing is near anything else so it feels like all I do is drip stuff on my the floor moving from sink to stove to trash.

When you take a cook and plop her in a less than stellar kitchen, it’s no wonder she starts to feel stuck. I didn’t want to spend time in the place that I consider the heart of my home. Yuck.

So we put in a little sweat equity, moved some furniture and repurposed other and now, it is light, bright and somewhere I can’t wait to walk into. I can already feel the creative recipe juices flowing and my whole spirit is lighter. Making dinner last night was a pleasure again and I couldn’t wait to brew tea this morning.

I’m not sure I’m totally finished my funk just yet (I haven’t been for a run as of this writing), but a weekend of lessons in patience and taking back my space sure went a long way toward ensuring my way out.

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