Growing Pains

This little blog is not very old, but it has some very loyal readers already and for that I am so grateful. Here’s the thing, I have another blog that is pretty old (by blogging standards of course) and over the last few months I have been trying to manage both and I’m afraid I’m not so good at it. I have other writing that I do as well and just trying to balance all of my written responsibilities has been tough enough to cause me to reevaluate.

Here’s what I know so far: Something’s gotta give. I’m not sure what yet but I suspect there will be a merging of this space and my other space as half the time they are nearly the same. The other blog is a “parenting blog”. I put quotes around it because I don’t call it that but other people do. It has mother in the title but that’s because when I first started it I was starting my practice as a doula and child birth educator and Mother seemed a fitting word to use in my blog title. (Marketing genius, no?)

Also, I am a mother so there are days where I do write about parenting and if I’m being totally honest most of what I do is through the lens of motherhood whether I like it or not. I noticed that when I saw most of what I was writing here was similar to what I write over there. There is recipe sharing and menu planning and posts about trying to figure it all out. So, it makes sense that the blog I write for wellness and the “other” blog could be one and the same.

Now I just need to get someone who knows about websites to help me figure out how to what I think I want to do. See, I know a lot about the act of blogging but I am hopeless when it comes to anything behind the scenes. My skills extend as far as editing and publishing and that’s about it. God-Forbid the visual platform changes (like WP’s latest dashboard change) I’m thrown off for days! Pathetic, I know but hey aren’t we all weak in something?

So where does that leave the Real Life Wellness blog? Stay tuned because I’m pretty sure it’s not really going too far, just having a bit of a makeover.

I’ll keep you posted and in the meantime, you can check here or visit The Right Hand Mom, where I’m sure you’ll find something to amuse you-even if it’s just me, being a dork.

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