Back To School Lunch Ideas On KidzVuz Parents

It’s that time of year again:dreaded lunch box season. Sometimes I wish I could ignore health and just give my kids $3 to buy lunch. But, I can’t. The stuff they pass off as lunch is pure crap and we should all revolt against it.

Until that happens, I will pack lunches and hope to make them attractive enough that my kids don’t trade them for someone else’s cookies. It gets harder and harder as the kids get older because image is as important to them as eating. Damn peer pressure.

I’m not one of those creative moms who makes fruit kabobs and sushi-looking sandwiches. No matter how many “creative back to school lunch” articles and blog posts I read, I can’t motivate myself for that level of sassy-momness. Sorry kids.

I do have some tricks though, and I’ve written about them over on the KidzVuz Parents’ Blog. Head on over and check them out so you can feed your picky tweens this year and feel good about it.

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