A Weekend of Power


In a few weeks I will travel to Washington, DC for a weekend conference that promises to be a game changer. It’s called Power Up Weekend and I have been hesitant to write this post because I’ve had a hard time coming up with words besides, powerful to describe everything, from the speakers, to the venue to the topics at hand.

The weekend is so aptly named that I can’t muster any synonyms, which for a writer is killing me!

I accidentally saw the video for the conference because of an errant tweet I stumbled on one afternoon a few months ago. The website had just enough information to intrigue me. I thought this looked like nothing I’d seen before, so I inquired more but then quickly put it out of my mind. I thought I might be crazy, to have such high hopes. After all, this wasn’t a known commodity in either the blog world or the wellness world that I inhabit.

At BlogHer, I got an email while in a group of people and casually mentioned it out loud. Stacy Ferguson, happened to be there and she chimed in that not only had she heard of Powered Up, but that she would be speaking. Then she went on to say great things about the woman behind the conference, Uneeka Jay. 

Guys, I love Stacey Ferguson in that- almost creepy, I wish I could be like her- way that women do with people they strongly admire. So, if she not only gave the weekend her stamp of approval, but announced that she was impressed by the people behind the weekend, then how could I miss it.

Since that fateful hotel reveal, I have learned that Stacey is just part of an extremely impressive group of speakers that will cover everything from business to your soul. The beauty of this conference is that it aims to strike a balance between outward professional power and inner peace power. In other words, both sides of my brain and my heart will be nourished all in one weekend. You know I love a multi-faceted anything, as I’m the woman with a thousand personalities to manage on a daily basis.

I was right after all, this isn’t like anything I’ve seen before on the conference circuit. I can’t wait to be a part of Power Up Weekend, October 19-20th. I hope you’ll join me too. You can buy tickets for early-bird pricing for just a bit longer. If you have a teen daughter, who might benefit from empowering and uplifting, this weekend is designed for her too. 

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2 Responses to A Weekend of Power

  1. janeanedavis says:

    Hello. I stopped by because we are both social media ambassadors for the upcoming Power Up Weekend. I am glad I did because I like the ideas of living well in real life. I’ll be back again.

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