Running Mix: Not for the Faint of Heart

Sometimes, a girl needs to put her feminist beliefs on a shelf for the sake of a kick-ass running mix. These goodies have no redeeming qualities except that they get some serious adrenaline pumping for this girl. These songs are the reason I sweat and the reminder that my daughter may not listen to my iPod under any circumstances. At least until she’s old enough to understand her mom’s questionable double standards.

Jay-Z/Linkin Park- Points of Authority/99 Problems: To my neighbors who drive by and wonder why I’m punching the air: this is why.

Reel Big Fish-Why do All Girls Think They’re Fat?: Seriously, why?

Ke$ha-We R Who We R: Yep, I’ll even stoop as low as Ke$ha. Desperate times.

Limp Bizkit-Break Stuff: Two things go through my head when I hear this song on a run. First, if people don’t like running, it’s because they’re listening to the wrong stuff. This is followed by, slow the hell down woman or your lungs are going to explode, angry music makes you run too fast.

Jay-Z/Linkin Park-Big Pimpin/Papercut: What? A girl needs a good cool down too.

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