Hidden Foods

I now am the coordinator for our local food coop so I’ve fielded lots of comments about vegetables in the last few weeks. One overwhelming thought from our members is how amazing the corn tastes.

We’ve had a summer full of corn on the cob and I will admit, as a self-professed corn hater, even I can’t resist this tasty stuff.

It got me thinking, corn and soy have a pretty bad rep and maybe they don’t deserve it entirely.

The reason corn is maligned is because it’s turned into stuff that isn’t great for you, like “syrup”.  Same with soy. It’s turned into everything it seems and has become quite the substitute for dairy of late.

Yes, there are some studies that may link overuse (specifially “phytoestrogens”) to breast cancer cell growth, but there are others that use it as a treatment. The bottom line is that used properly, soy isn’t always horrible for you. There are plenty of healthy people in Asia who will prove it.

The bad reputation of corn and soy shouldn’t extend to non GMO healthy grown and pure corn and soy. Foods like tofu and tempeh and edamame are jam-packed, fiber-filled sources of protein and other health benefits and freshly shucked corn on the cob? Besides the fiber and anti-oxidants such as lutein, it’s just hard to beat on a hot summer night.

The bottom line, eat real food. Watch for sneaky corn and soy “products” in your packaged food to avoid overexposure and nasty chemicals. But in general, there is no evil in the tiny yellow (or green) kernels.

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