Just One Vote

Last week I got an email informing me that a client and friend had nominated me for the Yahoo! Women who Shine contest. I was completely flattered that she not only felt I was worthy of such a nomination but that she took the time to submit me for the contest. I had a whole day of understanding the phrase, “it’s an honor to be nominated.” I never thought I’d do more, as I’m not one to “bug” people for votes for contests. I was just happy with my little email with her kind words.

Then I saw the prize. The winner gets a monetary prize which as a small business owner, should would come in handy. I’ve bootstrapped Real Life Wellness from the get-go and it is not easy. Often I feel hamstrung by our lack of funds and wish all our programs could reach more people, if only…

So, today I’m asking for ten seconds of your time to click and vote. Just use the link below and sign in with your FB or yahoo! account and click vote. You can only do it once with each sign in so unless you’re willing to use more than one account then you can only vote once. I feel good asking because by using the prize for the business, I know that winning will directly benefit all of you!


Click Here to VOTE


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