Feeding the World. You? Oxfam’s Grow Method for World Food Day

My job dictates that most of my day is spent thinking about food. It’s not a bad gig really. I mean, if you have to focus on something, it might as well be the preparation of delicious, healthy meals.

The thing that often comes with this food focus, at least for me, is the nagging realization that most people in the world aren’t able to eat like myself or my clients. Many people around the world, and even right here in my backyard have difficulty feeding themselves and their families.

This seems an overwhelming problem for just one little woman and I’m embarrassed to admit, that for myself and for the clients and moms whom I’ve had this discussion with,  that overwhelm often stops us from doing something.

That’s why I was thrilled when I heard Oxfam created their GROW Method for feeding the world. The GROW Method is five simples steps each of us can do to improve global nourishment at both a human and environmental level. In fact, when I saw the components of GROW, I was thrilled to see I’m already doing some of them. It seems one little woman can make a difference in Global Hunger.

The Oxfam GROW Method is this:

That doesn’t seem so hard right? It may also not seem like a lot to do but I’ll share some numbers with you that  might change your mind.

  • If your family eats meatless one day a week you save the equivalent of 17 bathtubs of clean water.
  • 8% of the WORLD’s clean water goes toward meat production. So, anything you can do to save some is aces.
  • If Americans living in Urban areas bought just 2 Fair Trade chocolate bars a month, you would benefit 30,000 small scale cocoa farmers. Now who doesn’t like a program that compels you to buy yourself a chocolate bar?
  • In the US alone we throw 27 million apples in the trash a year. 1/3 of our plates every day goes to waste. Imagine how many people could eat on what we throw in our trash. This is why shopping smarter helps more than just farmers.

The other great news is that none of these five steps is hard. We can all shop more locally. We can all eat seasonally. (Visit Oxfam’s website for a list of locally seasonal foods.) We can all ask more questions about where our food comes from, how it’s grown and who is responsible for it. We can all save energy by cooking smarter and eating less meat.

Tomorrow, October 16th is World Food Day. Why not use the day to start shifting your focus to how feeding yourself and your family might also feed the world?

Most of us can do all of these things with little effort. And not only will we live healthier and happier, we may just help feed the world. Start a conversation that just might start a revolution that extends well past your dinner table.

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