Frozen Kid Meals Review

Sometimes, even the most health conscious mom needs a quick meal that someone else can cook. I did this review on my blog a few years ago and while my kids loved the food, I have to be honest. I didn’t buy them after we did this video. (Although we did get braces for my girl, thank goodness!)

Now, I’m working a few nights a week and leaving my kids with a sitter for dinner. You can’t ask a babysitter to make gourmet meals, no matter how great their care is otherwise. So, after a few weeks of Applegate hot dogs and Amy’s Mac n Cheese, I was bored, so I knew my kids were too.

Then I remembered KidFresh and I dug up this video review to see how my kids would feel if I bought them for dinner. So, while my kids are grown up a bit compared to this video, I think you’ll see they’ll still give me the thumbs up on KidFresh.


*I was given coupons to purchase these meals for review purposes. All opinions are our own. Clearly. I mean, they’re kids after all.

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