Dreams Can Come True

When I was very young, and also not so young, I dreamed I’d be on Broadway. I didn’t want to be famous, like so many kids today. I just wanted to act, on a stage, every day.

As I got older and more jaded I accepted this wouldn’t be my reality, as I hadn’t been brave enough to take any chances that may have lead to a stage. Whether I was over the acting but or not, I was still smitten with everything stage related and for a long time I was held out hope that I would graduate from dinner theater and Washington, DC traveling shows and finally make it to Broadway, even if it was just to be in the plush seats of the mezzanine.

Then I went. As a grown woman with children I got on a bus and finally saw my first show on Broadway. It was RENT and it was every bit as magic as I had conjured in my brain for all those years.

Fast forward a few years to where I am now. I’m so lucky that part of my job as a blogger allows me entrance into shows in NYC, on and off Broadway, fairly regularly. I am also extremely blessed to have made choices that have brought my life to this place that is a mere train ride away from Broadway. No matter how “regular” it has become, NYC theater has not lost any of its luster.  It is the pitiful truth that I still weep almost every time I walk into a show. Don’t judge my insanity.

Three days from now I’m about to take my crazy to a whole new level. My family, all five of us and a hoard of other friends and their families will hit turnpike to take our kids to see Annie.


THE Broadway show for kids.

And I made it happen. My little job that most people don’t understand; my hard work and connections are what made it happen. If you want to go deeper, my faith in our family that allowed me to surrender to moving to this strange place on the promise of a job that had yet to prove it was worthy. My courage to pursue this blogging career even though every future step was unknown.

All those years ago when I dreamed of being on Broadway, this isn’t how it looked. I could beat myself up about that. (I have.) I could criticize my choices or lack of courage or history of playing it safe that ensured I was never on stage. (I have.) I could view this as a missed opportunity or dreams that I let slip. But I can say, with all honesty that taking my kids to see a show on Broadway is a dream come true. And I did it. My courage, and choices and habit of not playing it safe made this dream come true.

And that, is no small thing, so that is what I choose to focus on instead.

What are you doing today to realize your dreams? What aren’t you giving yourself credit for? How are you going to change all that.


Annie opens on Broadway November 8, 2012 at the Palace Theater. For information on ticket sales visit the Annie website. We worked with Nederlander sales for our group tickets and they have been fantastic every step of the way. We’ll report back after we’ve seen the show. I’ll tell you the enthusiasm in this house is at a fevered pitch so it should be fantastic. 

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2 Responses to Dreams Can Come True

  1. so fun!! can’t wait to hear how the show is. you have inspired me to bring my brood in to see it too!

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