Bars I Can Get Behind

I’m constantly on the hunt for health(ier) bar alternatives for kids’ lunch boxes and quick snacks for me. Like it or not, a lot of my life is on the go and while I make it a point to sit for meals, I often wish for car-friendly snacks. The problem is a lot of snack/granola/energy bars are awful. They’re either calorie packed because they were originally designed for after you’ve come in from a marathon or they’re full of processed crap or they’re loaded with sugar or they taste disgusting. I have a few that I eat, but none are perfect.

Well I say, welcome to my world, Health Warrior Chia Bars.

These little puppies are only 100 calories and have only 5g of sugar. They are small, but because they’re mostly chia seeds, they are satisfying and keep me full and energized during those long afternoons where I often crash or want to eat through the house. Not to mention that the benefits of chia are numerous. As they say on their website, these Health Warrior Chia bars are:

Stacked with good-for-you antioxidants, omega 3’s, fiber and plant-based protein, it’s much more than just a bar – it’s nutrition, satisfaction and energy that lasts all day. 

 Each bar contains: 
– 1000mg Omega 3 
– 4g dietary fiber
– 3g plant-based protein
– 5 critical antioxidants

Gluten, dairy and soy free. 100% vegan. 100% natural.
See what I mean? These little things are truly WonderBars! I suspect they’d be a perfect accompaniment on long runs and training days as they’re light and easy to carry. We loved the chocolate peanut butter bars, obviously, and the kids and I also liked the fresh taste of the Acai berry as well. I like the coconut but the kids weren’t big on that one. They said you could “taste the chia” too much. My feeling is that the other flavor wasn’t strong enough to help them ignore the texture of the chia-as it’s an acquired feel in your mouth.

Overall, I’m glad I “met” the Health Warrior chia bars. They’ll be making regular appearances in our snack cabinet for sure.

I was given samples of Health Warrior Bar for review. All opinions are my own (and my kids’). 

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