C’mon To My House

THIS happens a lot at The Right Hand Mom.

It’s become abundantly clear that I am not woman enough to keep up two blogs at once. It doesn’t help my organization that I write for five other sites on any given day and also have a practice that I’m building every day. Not to mention that it seems that I was largely redundant on this site and my original blog. Turns out I pretty much write about lifestyle and wellness no matter where I publish.

At some point this site will become home to only the business with updates on programs or events and I will continue to write daily on healthy living and style on The Right Hand Mom. There will probably be a name change there soon since I barely write about my kids anymore. But for now, I’m practicing the motto of don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Instead of waiting for everything to be exactly as I think it should be before I begin, I’m just going to begin.

So, come see me over at The Right Hand Mom-for wellness, recipes, music-mixesm, videos, food, and fun. If you want information about working with me as a doula or Holistic Health Coach, stay right here and click around awhile. I promise both are worth your trip.

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