Feeding Mom & Nourishing Baby 
Overwhelmed by your new role and wishing you had more energy? Confused about how to feed yourself and your baby for everyone’s optimal health? Come to our session on nutrition for new moms and learn
  • Essential nutrients for new moms and your changed body
  • The link between food and mood-how food can work for or against your daily happiness
  • Tips for healthy snacks and quick meals that fit into the life you now live that seems to revolve around baby
Join us at The Nest in Little Silver on Wednesdays at 11am. Next session Starts April 11th 
Family Sanity: How to take back your kitchen and stop being a short order cook in your own home.
  • Learn strategies for meal times and tips to tame even the pickiest eater
  • Take away recipes that are healthy, easy and will work for the whole family
  • Deconstruct the “healthy plate” model and learn what you should feed yourself and kids, what you can feed yourself and kids and the obvious or hidden dangers you should really strive to avoid.
  • Restore peace to family meals

Monday Nights at The Nest-

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