Four Weeks to Family Dinner

As parents, you spend the first year of your child’s life mildly obsessed with their caloric intake and how they are nourished. During this year you also have access to a wealth of information and support. It seems that the minute that baby takes its first bite of birthday treat, you are left alone to navigate the wild west that is the world of feeding children.

Do you want to know if you’re doing right by your kids? Are you tired of feeling like a short order cook for your picky eaters? We can help stop the meal madness.

Four Weeks to Family Dinner: Take Back Your Meal Time and Stop Being a Short Order Cook 


  • Family Nutrition Lesson  with Coach Cristie who provides (age appropriate) lessons, ideas and motivation for parents and kids to have happy, healthy meals.
  • Shopping list support and Kick in the Pantry list to help navigate the grocery store and stock a healthy pantry.
  • On going support to answer questions and calm concerns.
  • A Family Sanity Meal Book full of recipes, tips and tricks to use going forward.
  • BONUS Kitchen Company: Cristie comes in with apron on to help clean out the pantry and dig in to your kitchen for one complete meal prep session with the family.

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